Teixeira, C.


Characterize the personal

values of political consumers



-Core values described were the hedonism and self-direction;

-College students political consumers enhance anti

transcendence, equality, concern and well-being of


Arambewela, R. & John, H.


Evaluate the influence of

personal values in

improving the satisfaction of students’ experience


-Argue that the personal values are predictors of

individual behaviour and decision-making that could have an impact on the college experience and satisfaction with the learning environment.

Fernandes, C.


Validate the scale of values



-The values of life are positively associated with

satisfaction with life, self-compassion, as well as the well-being and mental health (p < 0.05).

Pires, L.


Study the attitudes and

values of college students


-Five most important qualities for the student:

responsibility (89%), be tolerant and respect others (88%), good manners (81%), worker (54.6%), determined and persevering (49.6%), equality and not be selfish (49.4%);

-The responsibility is higher than public universities, but being a worker is in the private University;

-In males is valued imagination and among the female

literacy to tolerance, respect, obedience.

Ulucinar, U.,

Akar, C.,

Demir, M., &

Demirhan, G.


Analyze the epistemological belief in Usak University

students in function of

several variables



-The results show that there are differences of meaning between epistemological beliefs of college students and their colleges, departments, family education, socio-economic level of religiosity and habit of reading.

Jarrar, A.


Study the educational          
system of moral value that believe the Jordanian youth at private universities         


-Believe that no moral crisis in society;         
-60.5% point religious values;         
-28.7% to 23.6% for the spiritual, the emotional value, 14.5% for the social value, 7.8% to biology;         
-values such as caring for the body and the right to life and 5.1% for mental values;         
-74% the economic situation of the family is an important factor in moral education;         
-24.3% of respondents believed that the most important role in education is due to family, 23% to 7.1%, media schools and 2% for College;         
-Shows that 57.4 percent of the respondents believed that the most important role in education is due to develop a spirit of subordination of the moral system, and 35.1% of the respondent believed that the development of          
consciousness and personal morality, 4.1% believed that the development of a spirit of brotherhood, and 2%          
believed the development of the spirit of the well;         
-To resist the temptation, 30.4% 25.3% honesty, sense of guilt when the error and 9.1% 3 sacrifice altruism;         
-56.4% of the respondents agree with the missing students with the standard of honesty in negotiating.         

Parra, M.


Describe the values in          
students Nursing University of Santander         

Quantitative correlational

-Female literacy present values such as spirituality

(p < 0.03);

-Students with less than 5 semesters feature greater

obedience to students more than 6 semesters (p < 0.02).

Rosa, A., Nunes, J., Grohmann, M., Battistella, L.,

Silva, C., &

Brusius, M.


Analyse the influence of          
profile of University          
students in relation to their individual values         



-Value the self-respect, the relationship and the


-Women show more confidence, self-respect in relation to men (p < 0.05).