Protocol followed during Cropping period


Technological Intervention

Plot size

1100 sqm

Preparation of land

Four plouging followed by flanking and final lying out of experimental bed plots.

Variety selection

Solan lalima (Open pollinated)

Seed source

Procured from Department of Vegetable crops Dr. Y.S. Parmar-UHF Solan

Seed rate

400 g/ha

Seed treatment

Trichoderma viridae @ 4 g/kg of seed

Seed spacing

5 cm × 2 cm × 0.5 cm

Nursery raising

Beds of 1 m × 3 m × 20 cm to which FYM @ 20 - 25 Kg/or VC 5 - 6 Kg, Trichoderma harzianum @ 4 g/Kg and 1.2 Kg neem cakes were incorporated.

Seedling treatment

Neem soap spray (7 g/l) to 15 days old seedlings-Drenching of seedling with Pseudomonas fluorescens (10 g/L) before transplanting. Root Dipping of seedlings in solution of asafetida (100 g/5L water) for 25 - 30 minutes before transplanting to the experimental plots.

Soil fertility management

Application of organic manures and bio-fertilizers. Mixing of FYM @ 200 quintal/ha + VC @ 50 quintal/ha + neem cake @ 250 kg/ha at the time of forming ridges.

Irrigation requirements

Two watering, morning and evening for one week. One time watering for second week. Alternate day watering during third week of transplanting and 5 - 7 days interval irrigation during the cropping period depending upon the weather.

Weed management

Hand weeding was used. During the entire cropping period three hand weeding was done.


Bamboo poles having 8 feet height supported by CGI wires and plastic ropes were used as support system.

Crop protection

Insect pest and disease management was undertaken by using all the organic approaches that is installation of yellow sticky traps, spray of biopesticides NPV (Nuclear Polyhedrosis virus), placement of trio card, use of neem cake/neem extract, vermin wash, use of barrier crops and other bio control agents(Trichoderma herzianum-10 g/l of water), Pseudomonas flourescens (10 g/l of water).