Lab 4

Stochastic Modelling of Uncertainties

Modelling different types of uncertainties. Using the StatRes tool.


Experimental Design and Variance Reduction

Some more advanced issues.

Lab 5

Time handling and its problems

Brings insight to how the model is updated timestep by timestep, and some problems with this approach.


The Modelling project

Describes the strict requirements for a modelling and simulation project.


Simulation vs. Speculation

Discusses the use and limitations of modelling and simulation. The use of simulation as a crystal ball to predict the future must be condemned, not to cause false, dangerous and costly conclusions.


Examination (if required). The main examination is completed laboratory exercises.

A possible examination should focus on basic concepts, understanding, how to perform a modelling project, the use and limitations of simulation. Further, the strict distinction between system under study and model, and the understanding where information comes from is crucial.


Suggested book: “Thinking in Systems: A Primer” by Donella Meadows [11] .


In a postgraduate course, a Modelling Project can be included.