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Opinions of the Defense Party

Opinions of the Prosecution Party

Opinions of the Court

(2018) Yu03 Criminal Retrial No. 5

The screenshots of the defendant’s mobile phone were of unknown origin.

The defendant acknowledged the content of the relevant WeChat records.

The public security authority did not comply with legal procedures and failed to provide a reasonable explanation for the source of the screenshots.

(2018) Yu1628 Criminal First Trial No. 374

The computer mainframe was not identical to the one seized by the investigator.

Because the law enforcement recorder was damaged, the audio and video recordings were not handed over with the case.

The investigators did not transfer the defendant’s computer mainframe in a sealed state, and did not produce electronic data extraction transcripts.

(2017) Gan1224 Criminal First Trial No. 33

The investigators took technical investigative measures against the defendant a week before the case was initiated.

This case was a tip-off from other cases before the defendant was wiretapped.

This evidence was taken from technical investigative measures against the defendant before the case was initiated and should be excluded.