Fault Phenomenon

Inspection Method

Diagnosis and Treatment

Receiver power indicator is not lit

Whether the mains supply is normal. Use a multimeter to measure the output voltage.

The power supply is normal, check the power adapter. The adapter output voltage is abnormal and the adapter is replaced.

The normal voltage is that the receiver is bad and is reported to the manufacturer for repair.

The receiver did not receive the satellite

Replace the original cable with a test cable, connecting the antenna to the receiver. Or change to a receiver.

No satellite, it is a receiver problem.

Cable problem

Short the signal line and shield line at the end of the cable and test with a universal meter.

There are satellites that are cable problems.

Cable head problem

Whether the cable head is in good construction and the cable head tape is sealed.

The satellite reception is normal and the original receiver has a problem; otherwise it is a cable problem.

Cable break

Pull out the cable check.

The resistance file is tested and the cable is good.

The receiver did not receive the satellite

Check that the receiver settings have changed without checking the cable.

The resistance file cannot be measured and it is determined that there is a problem with the cable.

The number of satellites received by the receiver has dropped

Check for interference from other sources.

The cable head structure is not good, and the cable head is replaced.

Communication problem

Check the communication network.

There is a data file on the receiver indicating a problem with the communication line.

FTP server problem

Check the FTP server and network.

After using other PCs to connect to the machine, the data files are taken, and the data files are not obtained, indicating that the receiver communication module is bad and sent to the manufacturer for repair.