Response Department

Types of Emergency Plan

Causing mass casualties or may lead to sudden public health events

Ministry of Health

National Public Health and Medical Emergency plan

National Health Emergency Plan for Natural Disasters

Causing geological hazards

Ministry of Land and Resources

National Plan for Environmental Emergencies

Causing danger to marine vessels and the pollution of the oil spill

Ministry of transportation

National Maritime Search and Rescue Plan

China Offshore Oil Spill Emergency Plan

Causing floods

Departments responsible for Anti-floods

State Flood Control and Drought Relief Emergency Plan

Causing city floods

Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction

Causing agricultural losses

Ministry of Agriculture

Major Agriculture Disasters Emergency Plan

Fishery Ship Safety Emergency Plan

causing marine disasters

Marine Department

Storm surge, Waves, Tsunamis and Sea ice Disaster Emergency plan

need for emergency life assistance

Ministry of Civil Affairs

National natural disaster relief emergency plan