Patterns/ variables

Pattern I:

collecting food

Pattern II:


Pattern III:

receding famine

Pattern IV:

degenerative diseases

Pattern V:

behavioral change


Survival from hunting

Subsistence in agriculture and livestock

Industrialisation and industrial employment

Emergence of services sectors and income rises

Income slows but disparity deceases



Agriculture and animal husbandry

Agricultural revolution (crops rotation; use of pesticides fertilizers and technology)

Expansion of Industrial sectors; and emergence of services sectors

Promotion of leisure time physical activities; and worker’s efficiency and productivity rises

Relative prices

Barter system, no role of prices

Role of mediators/ brokers in the small markets is influential than the prices

Demand and supply of foods and livestock within the country plumps the prices of plants oils and animal fats

Agricultural trade liberalization stimulates downward pressure on plants oils and animal fats

Multinational food companies control the supply and prices of differentiated brands of foods.