STEAL Approach




The Man

What important thing does the character say that make you understand what he/she is like?

Selected examples:

“Sold. Ages ago.” (P37)

“How I envy you.” (P31 L4)

“Yes, I know perfectly what you mean.” (P44)

“Not a bit,” (P56 L1)

Selected examples:

“I get them made for me…ah, when I was in Russia…” (P25)

He let it go at that. “That river life,” he went on, “is something quite special…” (P40)


The first remark, Vera was telling the truth. She is brave as well as realistic, because she sold the piano, gave up on things she was so fond of, for a living. The following three remarks of Vera were lies or only part of truth. She was unwilling to admit her uncertainty about the dill pickle and refused to show her both affection and broken heart in front of the man. She is capable of mange her sentimental feelings.

Pulling out the Russian cigarette seemed like a good reason for the man to show off the travelling experience. He did it deliberately since he confessed smoking wasn’t a habit with him. His speech was boastful and his mind was so focused on himself. The male chauvinist attitude of the man was demonstrated in lines.



What are his/her thoughts?

Was there just a hint of mockery in his voice? (P46)


Vera was not sure whether the man was seriously showing his appreciation or mocking at her interest in what he was saying. Vera was very sensitive.

The man, as an egoist, never hide his thoughts, he expressed directly without considering other’s feeling.