car?” Sally asked suddenly. It was a car, but it was going in the wrong direction.

Original by the look of it, and so were the banisters, but someone had painted them a kind of snot green.

I smile at him and say I don’t know, but it Really is Appalling’.” But what was

see only in the tabloids’ own opinion columns, but it’s a view I’ve heard from a number of senior

service is going to be cut is the only news I have, but it won’t affect you rich men in your big cars.”

with devastating effect. They adored each other, but the odd thing was that, as Thomas aged with

not how you want to play then it’s all right with me. But make no mistake, Marie, we belong together,

She wondered why more people weren’t like him, but, there again, it might be difficult if everyone

briefly in the reflected lights on the dashboard. “But then, neither are a lot of the things I like