success of the Three Musketeers lies in many sides, but I think the most important one is that

him, nearly jokingly. He was not that nervous, but was still embarrassed to becaught red-handed.

robot to do the job, I must say “congratulations”, but now I can been no more the crazy noise.

also cook many good things for the ghosts to “eat”, but in fact they eat the food all by themselves!

from shops. The Dragon Boat Festival is traditional, but it is full of lives. It will be handed down from

Tsinghua University have some collective characters, but everyone of them is unique.

Trust is often thought to be similar with “to believe”, but in fact it’s more than that.

that there are all kinds of fake commodities around us, but it is the fact. More and more people have

is lower than good one, and you know it is not smart, but you also buy it, because of its prize.

be seen that someone is too eager to do things ahead, but they fail in the end. Why does this happen?