Organization Structure



Before and after the industrial revolution

Front functional organization

For the outside, it is the contractor, but for the inside it is the “foreman”; with no relationship of administrative subordination with the enterprise.

Guide, direct and control the staffs.

Since the beginning of the last century

Functional organization

It is the task bridge between the first line staffs and the higher senior managers and the pure information channel; with status between the ordinary staff and the middle managers.

Responsible for the guidance, command and control of the staff’s work and also responsible for production, personnel and other information collection and feedback to the superior.

Future development

Intelligent organization

It is the specific organizer of the enterprise’s production and management; a participant in the development of functional strategies such as human resources, planning and finance, etc.; a team’s communicator with the outside world and a sustainer of the work boundaries; a replacer of the middle managers, with the status between the ordinary staff and senior managers.

Participate in the development of enterprise strategy and implement it indeed, be responsible for the contact with the departments or personnel outside the team, and sustain the team boundaries and strategy.