Survey question

Answer alternatives

Depr 1

Feel that everything is a waste of time

Depr 2

Had sleep problems

Have not bother at all

Depr 3

Feeling unhappy, sad or depressed

A little bothered

Depr 4

Felt hopelessness in view of the future

Pretty much bothered

Depr 5

Feel stiff or tense

Very much bothered

Depr 6

Worry too much about things

Depr 7

Feeling lonely

Depr 8

Aggressive or angry behaviours

Anxiety 1

Have you have lately been bothered by something? Suddenly scared without shallow

Anxiety 2

Have you have lately

Anxiety 3

Have you have lately been bothered by? exhaustion or dizziness

Anxiety 4

Have you been bothered by any of this during the past week? Nervousness, internal disorder

Anxiety 5

Had you this week wanted to cry

Anxiety 6

Have you this last week been accusing yourself?