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Physical health

Session 1

Eating habits

・ Practicing healthy eating habits

・Recording present eating habits

・Learning about the harmfulness of an imbalanced diet, overeating, and skipping meals

・Planning healthy eating habits

・Recording everyday eating habits in the workbook

・Making healthy food with parents at home

Session 2

Exercise habits

・ Practicing healthy exercise habits

・Recording my present exercise habits

・Learning about the benefits of exercise and how to exercise in everyday life

・Planning exercise to maintain an appropriate weight

・Recording everyday exercise habits in the workbook

・Exercising with friends and family

Session 3

Sleep habits

・ Practicing healthy sleep habits

・Recording present sleeping habits

・Learning about the function of sleep and the benefits of sound sleep

・Planning feasible sleeping habits

・Recording everyday sleep habits in the workbook

・Waking up early and having time before going to school

Mental health

Session 4


the mind

・Recognizing thoughts and feelings on diverse situations

・Understanding the other person’s situation and perspective and shifting one’s own perspective

・Sharing thoughts and feelings about diverse situations

・Shifting one’s perspective and learning about different perspectives

・Becoming the tree on gathered together

・Talking about thoughts and feelings while looking at paintings and pictures of diverse situations in the workbook (over 2 minutes)

・Sharing thoughts and feelings with parents

Session 5


・Understanding the concept of communication

・Knowing your own communication style

・Learning how to communicate effectively

・Play games to learn about communication

・Communicating while changing headbands

・The most used words

・5 words from friends that made you feel better

・5 words from friends that made you feel worse

Session 6


the mind

・Understanding how to control stress effectively

・Understanding how to control conflict and anger

・Making the leaf of feeling

・Tearing the leaf of feeling

・Accepting diverse feelings

・Anger control training

・Practicing relaxation

・Reporting the experience of anger control