Sonographic diagnosis


Fetal MRI Cerebellar additional findings or changed diagnosis

Management based on US diagnosis.

Management based on fetal MRI diagnosis.

Postnatal MRI for live-birth non-terminated cases

Post F malformations

Small retrocerebellar cyst


Partial vermian agenesis…DW variant

Follow up

Termination if not precious

As fetal MRI

Mega cisterna magna


Global cerebellar and vermian hypoplasia

Follow up

Termination if not precious

As fetal MRI

Chiari malformation


· Degree of cerebellar herniation including the vermis

· Demonstrate of exact site of encephalocele in ChiariIII.

· Cerebral associations as corpus callosaldysgenesis

· Demonstration of exact site, size and content of meningocele for proper prenatal or postnatal surgery.

Termination on confirmation

· Termination if not precious baby,

· If precious baby; fetal MRI additional findings will aid in managmenet especially in prenatal surgery.

As fetal MRI

DW malformation


Ø Confirmed vermian agenesis

Ø Corpus callosaldysgenesis


Termination if was diagnosed earlier and if not precious.

As fetal MRI

Cortical malformation

Lissencephaly with VM and cleft lip


Rhomboncephalosynapsis with C.C dysgenesis and z-shaped brain stem…… Walker-Warburg syndrome (WWS) or HARDE syndrome (AR)

Termination if not precious

Lethal form of congenital muscular dystrophy so Termination





Pontocerebellar dysplasia….

Fowler syndrome (AR)

Termination only

Termination with Genetic counseling which confirmed the diagnosis.


Midline anomalies

Interhemispheric cyst versus schizencephaly


Cerebellar and vermian compression by the cyst …. confirmed inter-hemispheric cyst.

Needs confirmation as … Follow up if cyst versus termination if schizencephaly

Follow up

As fetal MRI