Personal and Social Skills:

I became better at sharing responsibility

I learned that working together requires some compromising

I learned to be patient with other group members

I learned how my emotions and attitude affect others in the group

Cognitive Skills:

I have improved: Skills for finding information

I have improved: Academic skills (reading, writing, math, etc.)

I have improved: Computer/internet skills

I have improved: Artistic/creative skills

Goal Setting:

I learned to find ways to achieve my goals

I set goals for myself in this activity

I learned to consider possible obstacles when making plans

Observed how others solved problems and learned from them


I learned to push myself

I learned to focus my attention

I put all my energy into this activity

I have improved athletic/physical skills

Negative Experiences:

Adult leaders in this activity are controlling and manipulative

Adult leaders intimidate me

Adult leaders make personal comments that I find upsetting

Adult leaders encouraged me to do something I believed morally wrong

Youth in this activity got me into drinking alcohol or using drugs

I was treated differently because of my gender, race, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation