Public spaces provided

Adherence to Planning standards


Open spaces

Provided for all plans in Dar es Salaam and Morogoro; but partially adhered to in Dar es Salaam plans

Less provision of open spaces is observed; this is sometimes compensated by conservation areas provided in these layouts


Provided in one plan only. Other plans have no provision of cemeteries

Cemeteries are larger in required standards; and can be shared with other neighbourhoods

Conservation areas

Buffer zone sizes adhered to in almost in all plans

Buffer zones standards have been kept


Are less provided in Dar es Salaam plans and all standards have been adhered to in Morogoro plans

Provided only for Morogoro detail plans and missing in all Dar es Salaam plans.

Should be provided in other layouts especially in neighbourhood centres


Not provided and not adhered to in all investigated cases

Were only provided in schools. Open sport grounds should be provided according to planning regulations.