Key Aspects of Symbolic Architecture

Ÿ Based on key structural and idea behind the concept

Ÿ deliberated design to create symbolic buildings

Ÿ importance of form

Ÿ Refer to universal patterns

Ÿ “Every symbolic form has specific features which are autonomous, there were also the universals which interpenetrated all symbolic forms” (Cassier, 953).

Ÿ Importance of form

Ÿ Based on past experience

Ÿ Histrical examples and cultural meaning

Ÿ Refer to something from the past and sympathy with our origin and traditions

Ÿ Based on functional aspect

Ÿ Functional aspects are always related to context, formal aspects to structure and meaning to interpretation of appearance.

Ÿ Based on users view point

Ÿ Mater of interpreting

Ÿ User’s perception to assign new meaning

Ÿ Different people, culture, tradition, or custom might view architecture from a different point of view, by inscribing symbolic meaning

Ÿ Portrayed tradition, religion, beliefs, social, national, urban culture, heritage or even play the role of other objects

Ÿ Matter of convention, agreement, habitude, individual and social values

Ÿ Refer to context

Ÿ Expressive meaning is function of the geometric character of the environment