Algorithm: Proposed Enhanced Hybrid Algorithm.

1) Initial population IP obtained from.

2) Fixed Cycle is equal to zero.

3) Evaluating the lower bound limit as (k + 2)/3 and the upper bound as n/3 using domination set.

4) Read the data and apply the proposed approach for optimal solution

5) Apply proposed model of GA based EHBSA as per procedure.

6) Given a sorted sequence, compare the value in the array at position n/2 with a key k.

・ If A[n/2] > k, compare k with lower half midpoint

・ If A[n/2] < k, compare k with upper half midpoint

・ If A[n/2] = k, return n/2 (index position in k).

7) If the combinations cover the entire power network, the system is observable else not observable

8) Finding minimum optimal number of PMU.

9) The optimal consequences determined by ISORI(Improved System Observability of Redundancy Index) as



10) Manage thepresent best solution.

11) If the power network is totally detected or Cycle = Maximum Cycle number,


Else go to step 5 and set Cycle = Cycle + 1.