Parameters derived

Definition and/or formula



Number of case files received by the forensic science

laboratory per year

525 for 2014 and 732 in 2015


Number of case files received by a specific laboratory

discipline per year

Three disciplines apply: forensic chemistry, toxicology and



Sample influx (number of samples per case file)

Based on records for each case file received at sample receiving office


Total number of samples

Determined for each of the three disciplines and also for the whole FSL for 2014 and 2015


Average cost per sample:

Forensic chemistry = $29.0

Forensic toxicology = $14.0

Forensic Biology/DNA = $42.0

Based on price list data averaged for each discipline and applied to each sample


Cost per case file


This is determined per specific sample type and price in practice; in this study, Cps was used for simplicity


Total cost in each discipline


Summation of all case file into the specific discipline


Total cost for FSL


Total cost based only on analysis costs, determined from the three forensic science disciplines (chemistry, toxicology and


Average sample influx per discuipline


Average sample influx for each forensic discipline for comparison of workload among laboratories

Modal sample influx for each discipline

Most frequent sample influx value in each forensic science discipline


Statistical parameters skewness and kurtosis for sample influx time series applied fpor each forensic science discipline

Used to express the second moments of spread in the sample influx data for each forensic science discipline