Science, Technology and Management Aspects

Qualification of the management team (including flexibility); Number of P & D projects/year with Universities and Research Institutes, (sponsor) or the STP region; Areas of expertise or competence of the STP and University; Researchers number per area of STP knowledge / competence.

Infrastructure, Sustainability and Competitive Aspects

Quantity and availability of skilled labor formed in the region and by the sponsor of the STP in STP knowledge areas; STP and region infrastructure: size of the buildings, supported weight, transportation, energy, data link, restaurants, car parks, auditoriums, security, hotels, etc,; Installation costs (rental, condo, etc.).

Combination of social and industrial needs

Environmental structure; Quality of life; Technologies associated to social and industrial needs.

Will of the public authorities and private sector

Public and private investments

Training of human resources with interaction theory/practice/

Integration of science to the practice of knowledge.

Implementation and Operation


Economic development and growth of the region/

Establishing policies to trigger economic and the region development; provision of sufficient funding; Guide and support of Industrial Policy; Professional environment; Formation of the industrial cluster; Consolidated Foundation Science; Professional training; One-Stop Service; Capital assistance (venture capital, bank loans and shares in the public markets); Ease of access to the capital sources of companies located in the park; Investment policies to promote industrial development of the park; Deduction of rates for park companies.



Location factors

Communications infrastructure; Flexibility of the housing market in the park environment; initial conglomerate of companies specializing in a shaft of dynamic production; Set of basic services for the development of business activities in the park, such as production services, consulting services, specialized services.

Factors that explain the qualitative transformation and sustainability of experience

Partnership establishment with key stakeholders, both social and economic ones; Existence of a regional development plan and / or technological innovation that fits the work of the park; Existence of large local and regional arrangements for the ecological sustainability of the area; Existence of various mechanisms for financing business activities.

Implementation and operationalization



Infrastructure for technology-based companies: buildings, utilities, IT, environmental preservation areas, etc; accessibility of: highways, airports and urban centers; Infrastructure shared with universities and research institutes

Specialized Services

Presence of centers specialized in technology and innovation; presence of personnel specialized in structuring projects of technological development through development agency and sectoral funds.

Park Management

Own governance mechanisms with autonomy for decisions; Professional management model with the use of quality indicators of the park services provision; Have favorable land conditions of the park buildings.

Implementation and operationalization