Assets business

Illiquid assets

(weight 0.5)

Semi-liquid assets

(weight 0)

Liquid Assets

(weight −0.5)

Residential mortgage loans

Other mortgage

Corporate & commercial loans

At-equity investments in associates


Fixed assets

Other assets

Consumer/Retail loans

Other personal loans

Reverse repos

Held to maturity securities

Other securities

Cash and due from banks

Loans and advances to banks

Available for sale securities

Trading securities

Liability business

Illiquid liabilities

(weight −0.5)

Semi-liquid liabilities

(weight 0)

Liquid liabilities

(weight 0.5)

Senior debt maturing after 1 year

Subordinated borrowing


Other liabilities


Customer deposits-term

Deposits from banks


Customer deposits-current

Other deposits and short-term borrowings

Trading liabilities

Off-balance-sheet business

Illiquid off-balance-sheet items

(weight 0.5)

Semi-liquid Off-balance-sheet Items

(weight 0)

Liquid off-balance-sheet items

(weight −0.5)


Committed credit lines

Other contingent liabilities