A policy: the State Department explicitly the real estate industry as a pillar industry of the national economy


Two policies: Inhibition of land supply, raised deposit and lending rates for the first time announced


6 Policies: mortgage policies canceled, real estate tax reform in depth, the regulation of transactions involving aspects , country eight introduced, rose to political regulation height, tighten Property Trust, hand housing pay a tax


11 policies, regulatory guidance from the steering maneuverability: mortgage interest rates rise again, State six issued, State Council promulgated restrictions dwelling 90/70 policy, State Administration of Taxation issued second-hand housing sales tax policy, sale permit policy, Foreign Ministry of Construction issued limit fried to make, imposition of second-hand housing transfer of personal income tax in the country, land Deal, central bank to adjust the financial institutions RMB benchmark deposit and lending interest rates, Ministry of Construction promulgated urban low-rent housing work-related measures


8 policies , five times the rate hike, the level of pressure from the financial real estate


16 policies , the financial crisis has become a watershed policy, the central bank announced Sept. 15 “double rate” drop, series of supports Real Estate Deal


From the beginning of May for the policy divide ,the State Administration of Taxation “LAT liquidation management procedures”; NDRC raised by the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Construction is responsible for studying the introduction of property tax, exempted from business tax incentives termination, “State four” came out


“State eleven”, the real estate market regulation efforts doubled, strict two suites loan management, down payment of not less than 40%, fitness room, low-cost housing, small and medium size housing land of not less than 70%, MLR carried developers at least two percent bid bond, the 50% premium paid in January, hoard developers will be “frozen” and other New Deal regulation, under construction and sale of house property shall cease the sale, Ministry of Housing developers may not loan to buy land, State Department policy to guide private capital into housing construction


The new “State eight”, January 28 pilot property tax in Shanghai and Chongqing, increase affordable housing construction and supply


2 New Deal, housing information system network, four rows first mortgage interest rates dropped to baseline


“State five” New Deal


Purchase of deregulation , the central five, directional drop quasi “micro-stimulus”, “two-way control”