Identifies and leverages the skills of others; rapidly creates synergy in complex networks through

working in partnerships.

Creates a feeling of succeeding and failing together; team integrator; collaborative team orientation; create synergies through working in partnership collaborating with ease across many different teams; valuing the contribution of new work partners and different interest groups; building collaborative relationships

Effective communicator

Sets clear expectations; communicates openly, honestly and frequently; knows how to modify for diverse audiences.

Communicates clear expectations;

communicates often and openly; create a climate of reciprocal trust; create warm collaborative relationships

Charismatic &


Projects optimism and energy; persuasive and charismatic even in times of crisis; inspires commitment.

Inspiring and motivational; project optimism and energy; charismatic and persuasive (even in times of crisis); inspires and motivates through action; inspirational persuade and influence stakeholders; inspire people to follow them; inspiring commitment

Social and

emotional intelligence

Exhibits high levels of self-awareness; recognises and understands their emotions as well as those of others; harnesses this insight to have effective interactions and drive performance with a diverse range of people.

Managerial wisdom social intelligence; emotional intelligence; understands others and owns emotions



Keen and quick to gain insight

on customers and market; applies the insight for competitive advantage.

Seek to get inside customers’ minds, understand their needs and wants; show commercial acumen and business judgment

Decisive &


Executes and achieves results through quick and effective decision making even with

limited information;

follows through and takes ownership of outcomes.

Creates sense of purpose effective organizational culture; culture of knowledge sharing

Proactive conflict manager

Comfortable with handling difficult situations;

tackles conflict head-on and uses it as an opportunity to improve.

Decisive execute and achieve results through their people making decisions quickly without all of the information; taking initiative