Competency Characteristics from the Literature

Integrative thinker

Absorbs and integrates complex and contrasting information from diverse sources as a preferred problem-solving strategy.

Integrative thinking; absorptive capacity; thinking divergently about new ways of doing things; handling eve-increasing cognitive complexity; quick learner.



Creates a sense of purpose for the future; vividly describes their vision and provides direction for how to get there.

Future-orientation; display excellent strategic vision; vividly describes their vision of the future and how to get there; visionary; provide vision and direction; growth orientation; conceptualising possibilities in a virtual world; strategic perspective; strategic planning.

Adaptable & flexible

Resilient and adaptable to change; thrives in a complex and uncertain environment.

Behavioural complexity; capacity to change; has the flexibility to change opinions; adapting to constantly; shifting power and influence; tolerating environment of risk and ambiguity; showing resilience in the face of constant change; change management


Confidently drives change; is open to new ideas and approaches; fosters a creative and participative environment.

Is open to new ideas and approaches show openness to new ideas and foster organisational learning; inventing (enabling and empowering others to create new processing/ideas to help move org forward) drive change and innovation; being brave in challenging how things are being done; having the confidence to take the lead in driving change

Empowers others

Fosters a learning culture; motivates others to challenge

themselves and take ownership;

provides safety for trial and error.

Empower others to self-organise (allow others to make mistakes and empower them to make decisions); provides goals and objectives with loose guidelines/direction; provides safety for trial and error; sets growth goals/motivate others to stretch themselves; participative; empower others in organization; transformational leadership; investing huge amounts of energy into getting things right, try, fail, try again; participative management


Priotizes people and their development; capitalizes on individual talent and drives a high performance culture.

Helps me grow into a next-generation leader; exploits and maintains core competencies (resources and capabilities)/knowledge management; developed and mobilization of human capital (knowledge and skills;) build talent for competitive advantage; employee development

Leads with integrity

Values-driven ambassador, uncompromising in their personal moral and ethical standards.

Demonstrates strong ethics and provides a sense of safety; has high ethical and moral standards; integrity; self sacrificial

Fosters a culture of unity

and belonging

Effective at developing team cohesion, a sense of connection and trust; successful at encouraging individuals to work together towards a common goal.

Nurtures growth;

foster a sense of connection and belonging