Item Abbreviation

Occupational Human-Systems Items


My work group members are held accountable for their performance.


My supervisor stands up for his/her people.


My coworkers are willing to adapt to change.


People from different work groups in my facility are willing to collaborate.


Employees in my work group are competent to accomplish our tasks.

Conflict Resolution

Disputes or conflicts are resolved fairly in my work group.


A spirit of cooperation and teamwork exists in my work group.

Customer Service

Products, services and work processes are designed to meet customer needs and expectations.

Diversity Acceptance

This organization does not tolerate discrimination.


Members of this workgroup would not compromise ethical principles in order to achieve success.


My supervisor is fair in recognizing accomplishments.


My supervisor does not engage in favoritism.

Group Communication

Members of my work group communicate well with each other.

Innovations Openness

New practices and ways of doing business are encouraged in my work group.


Employees in my work group are involved in quality improvement or systems redesign.

Job Control

My ideas and opinions count at work.

Performance Goals

Managers set challenging and yet attainable performance goals for my work group.

Physical Safety Resources

Employees in my work group are protected from health and safety hazards on the job.


My supervisor reviews and evaluates the progress toward meeting goals and objectives of the organization.

Relationship to Supervisor

I have an effective working relationship with my supervisor.


People treat each other with respect in my work group.

Safety Climate

The safety of workers is a big priority with management where I work.

Safety in Bringing Up Problems

Members in my work group are able to bring up problems and tough issues.

Safety in Disagreeing

My supervisor encourages people to speak up when they disagree with a decision.

Safety in Problem Solving

I feel comfortable talking to my supervisor about work-related problems even if I’m partially responsible.

Safety in Trying New Things

It is safe to try something new in this work group.

Skills Development

I am given a real opportunity to develop my skills in my work group.

Supervisor Communication

My supervisor provides clear instructions necessary to do my job.

aTurnover Intentions

If I were able, I would leave my current job.

aTurnover Plans

I plan to leave my job within the next six months.

Work Resources

I have the appropriate supplies, materials, and equipment to perform my job well.

Work/Family Balance

Supervisors/team leaders understand and support employee family/personal life responsibilities in my work group.


My workload is reasonable given my job.