Assumption 1

Initial pasture mass is 1,400 lbs. per acre while soil organic matter is 6800 Kg/acre.

Assumption 2

Dry matter intake per day is 3 percent while daily weight gain during grazing and winter season are 1.5 and 0.87, respectively.

Assumption 3

2/3 of the paddocks are for grazing while 1/3 is used for winter feed. Pasture is represented as tall fescue-clover mix that, once it is consumed at the stated stocking rate, takes approximately 30 days to grow back.

Assumption 4

Pastureland in the PBB industry is predetermined.

Assumption 5

Forage is a tall fescue-clover mixture.

Assumption 6

Death loss is 2 percent under certainty while under uncertainty differs annually.

Assumption 7

Hay is completely mobile across space.

Assumption 8

The farm of interest is a beef supplier under an agreement in which the average stocking rate over the planning horizon is the minimum stocking rate to be sold at the end of each operational year.

Assumption 9

The slope in the contracting farm is flat while in the nearby farms might differ.

Assumption 10

90 percent of the manure in the spatial domain is recoverable.

Assumption 11

Manure is completely mobile across space and collected during winter season.