Classification of indicators


Research: Sustainability in scientific research

Groups of multidisciplinary research on priority issues and points for sustainable development

Consolidated lines of research with interdisciplinary groups

Research for acknowledging, protecting and promoting local knowledge

Research in environmental technology which results in patents

Research for the risk assessment of technology which are promoted by the university

Education: undergraduate and graduate training for sustainability

Education programs which address issues of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

Continuous education programs which address local priority needs

Education programs geared towards the valuation of local natural and cultural heritage

Environmental education programs by way of innovative pedagogical models

Education programs for sustainable development in open and distance modules.

Graduate studies in sustainable development

Extension: university extension in sustainability issues

Dissemination activities to promote sustainable development

Extension programs which address priority problems for sustainable development in the country

Provision of institution professional services in the environmental field

Mass media for communication and dissemination of environmental knowledge

Social service programs aimed at sustainable community development

Participation in organized social movements for addressing environmental needs

Public management tools for sustainable development based on proposals and/or outcomes of university research

Active participation in university networks and national and international bodies that count on programs for sustainable development

Online University Press that addresses sustainable development issues

Administration: sustainable and environmental management systems

Incorporation of sustainable development in institutional policies

Gender Equality in Executive Positions

Budget exercised in university programs for sustainable development

Water, paper and energy consumption at the University

Prevention of risks to health, the environment and heritage in IES [Higher Education Institutes] areas

Procurement and acquisitions which incorporate durability, efficiency and environmental security criteria