The method

The characteristics

The deficiencies

The ecological footprint

Simple and clear, reflecting the human impact on the earth vividly, and having strong maneuverability and repeatability.

The evaluation result is not absolute and some theoretical assumptions are difficult to achieve.

Comprehensive evaluation of resource circulation analysis

Considers the specific key resource flow conditions before and after optimization, or posits the circular economy as a form of index.

Without a thorough solution to the qualitative index quantitative.

The fuzzy comprehensive analysis method

The result is clear and systemic and strong and can solve the problems that are fuzzy and difficult to quantify.

The computation is complex and the subjectivity is strong, which decides the index of weight vector.

The material flow analysis

Based on material flow routes, and an in-depth analysis of the object of material flow strength and path.

Dimension is not uniform, and cannot reflect the relationship between the environment and the economy.