Driving Problem

Anchor Task

Diagnostic Assessment

Here are 16 small sticks for you. Imagine: Can you make a cuboid? What are the characteristics of cuboids?

Give four sets of small sticks, including three types of small sticks of 12 cm/9cm/6cm, so that students can choose and try to build them.

Ask and trace: What are the characteristics of cuboids that you found in the process of building? Feedback: The cuboid has 6 faces/12 edges/8 vertexes.

If you hide an edge, can you still imagine its original appearance? Hiding 2 articles ...

If you cannot imagine the structure of a cuboid until you cannot imagine it, you cannot hide one edge of the cuboid.

Ask and trace: How many edges do you with from a vertex? Feedback: The three edges starting from a vertex can be imagined as three faces and then as cuboids

Can you imagine what is based on these three edges (the same vertex)?

Give the data of length/width/height so that students can imagine specific objects

Ask and trace: What is the relationship between a cuboid and a cube? Feedback: The cube is a special cuboid.