Teaching through drama

Teaching without drama

How did the chemistry teaching method affect your understanding of and your satisfaction with the sciences?

* I loved the method; it helped me understand topics that had previously been difficult for me; it had a positive effect on my understanding of the sciences.

* It had a positive effect on my understanding of many scientific topics and motivated me to learn more, because it was linked to our daily lives.

* It had a positive effect. I loved the subject. With this method, I attained a better understanding of topics in the sciences.

* The teaching method was not interesting and did not result in my gaining a good understanding of the subject; my father helps me at home.

* This method makes me sleep during chemistry lessons; I study at home alone and understand the study material; I do not need a teacher.

* It is unfortunate that the teacher taught us the subject using this method; I love chemistry and want to learn it in a more attractive way.

If you will choose in future to become a chemistry teacher, which method would you use for teaching, and why?

* The drama method, because it influences students and associates the learned material with real life.

* Teaching using the drama method and creating a link to everyday life can help students gain a better understanding.

* The drama method is appropriate for the population we have to teach and can make them appreciate the subject more.

* To teach using the traditional method together with the use of computer presentations combined with a method of teaching in groups.

* Using the method of teaching in the laboratory, so students will perceive how serious and important the subject is, and thus, understand it better.

* If I will be a chemistry teacher in the future, I will use a more interesting teaching method that will attract my students more.

How and to what extent did this method affect your interest in the sciences, according to how you feel?

* It affected me very much and caused me to be more interested in the subject matter; I like it more all the time.

* The subject of the sciences has become more attractive and interesting; I am very interested in studying chemistry and this method greatly helped me feel closer to the subject.

* This teaching method increased my desire to study chemistry; I feel more at ease because I understand it better.

* Chemistry is a very broad domain; I love it very much; I feel that one always acquires what is beneficial.

* I love chemistry very much but the teacher and the lessons are boring; I will turn to Google.

* The lesson is very boring; I will study law in the future.

How much does the method affect your motivation to continue to study chemistry in the future? How?

* It made a great difference; now I like chemistry more; after learning using the drama method I find it to be an interesting and challenging subject.

* Yes, I was anxious about this subject but after learning with this method, the subject became easier and more interesting.

* Yes, I like the subject better and I would like to become a chemistry teacher in the future.

* No, because I have always liked chemistry.

* I like chemistry, but this method is very boring; too bad that the teacher did not use the lab.

* No, I like chemistry but the method is boring; therefore, I now want to study medicine.