Intended outcomes


Sustainable development goals taken in consideration: 4, 5, 13, 14, 15




Geologic time

Mass Extinction

Unit 7. Earth’s evolution and Biodiversity

1) Why are livings things so diverse?

2) Were there different living things on Earth?

3) Charles Darwin and the Evolution theory

4) Fossils and sedimentary rocks

5) Why did such an amount of species become extinct?

a) The sixth Mass extinction: causes and consequences

6) Earth’s age and geologic time divisions

7) Earth’s transformations through time:

・ atmosphere

・ surface dynamisms (volcanoes, earthquakes)

・ interior of the Earth

8) Plate tectonics

9) The diversity of landscapes, and their biological and aesthetic values

Unit 7.

To learn about the diversity of species and develop questioning and debate about it

Introduce Darwin and Wallace, and their process on developing evolution theory.

To learn what a fossil species is

To debate and question about natural extinctions, and anthropogenic causes that lead to species’ extinction.

To develop the notion of geologic time.

To explore Earth’s dynamism with atmosphere, surface and interior phenomena.

To explore Plate tectonics (geology science), that explains the importance of geographic barriers for the evolution of species.

To show and study the richness of different landscapes, and their importance.