(CATEGORY)-Practical Approach to Pedagogical Mediation in Distance Education

Total of responses: 21

“[...] I missed a practical lesson to teach the way to mediate pedagogically the educational process in distance education”.


“I have already worked as a tutor on a course in my area of training and saw that in your course you give emphasis to form the teacher to work in the classroom teaching and distance teaching, we had lectures about it, but we did not conduct practical classes on the teacher’s mediation in distance education”


“[...] The theory was covered in class, but the practice of mediation process did not happen”.


(CATEGORY)-Practical Approach to Interaction in Distance Education

Total of responses: 10

“The specialization included the distance education, but we did not have the practice of the teacher interacting with students [...]”.


“I missed performing interaction with students of distance education to feel like the teacher does the teaching process in this modality”.


“[...] there was a lack of interaction, the practical part of how this occurs in distance education, how to accomplish this [...]”.


(CATEGORY)-Practical Approach to perform evaluation in distance education

Total of responses: 08

“We had many practical lessons in the specialization but on the assessment of the matter in distance education I do not feel prepared to do this in distance education I have worked as a tutor and not as a teacher [...]”.


“The classes of specialization were great, I missed how to evaluate my students of distance education, conduct the practice of this”.


“I do not have complaints about the specialization, I think it should have more practical classes in distance education, I, for example, missed the opportunity to perform a practical activity to learn how to assess the students, if they really learned at distance”.