(CATEGORY)-Pedagogical Knowledge to act in Higher Education

Total of responses: 38

“The pedagogical knowledge that I had contributed so I can relate knowledge of my training with the pedagogical to work as a teacher knowing what to do about the organization, preparation and execution of a class”.


“The pedagogical knowledge that I got made me realize that without the theoretical and practical foundation the teacher cannot transmit and build knowledge with their students”.


“Without pedagogical knowledge the teacher often performs his/her action within the classroom without knowing in fact what he/she is doing, this knowledge is essential to teach [...]”.


(CATEGORY)-Practical knowledge to teach

Total of responses: 16

“During my training the specialization provided me with the practical knowledge of how to teach a class, from its planning to the completion of the class”.


“The specialization has contributed a lot in my training; being able to put into practice the knowledge acquired was very good”.


“No doubt, learning about educational concepts, reading and understanding the educational process in higher education helps a lot, but the fact of studying and putting into practice the knowledge acquired left me safer to act as a teacher in higher education, the relation between theory and practice is essential”.