It is an algebraic expression of equality

From the sixth year is related to a value to be searched


Unknown?Degree-Báskhara-soma and product-multiplication by 1-isolation of the terms-system-replacement- definition-find value-methodology.

It is an algebraic expression of equality

In the sixth year is made unknown value of the approach, which gives an introduction of the equation. Being related to missing data


Variable-independent term-root-equality-unknowns-term x squared-a guess-solution set-real solution-complex solution- solving methods

Having an equal or more unknown, or not having solution

Mathematics-proportion-area-perimeter- measures-comparison values


Equal-find the value of x-problem solving-balance-only solution-in a chart describing the form of a parable- Baskara-delta root?quadratic

Equality, as if a balance which has to balance the sides.

Like a balance


Variable-constant-complete and incomplete equations--incógnita equality-only a root-Báskhara-two roots-there are real solution or not-incomplete full equation-delta-parable-roots?x

Mathematics, algebriza situations of everyday life


Letters-numbers-problem- reasoning-Signs of operations- system power-Báskhara formula

One way of solving exercises that have lyrics

Solve problems that you do not know one of the elements


Numbers-Mathematics-sum of variables-mixture of numbers and letters.

One way to express a mathematical problem. It is a statement that establishes an equality between two mathematical expressions.

Algebraic expressions, interpretation.