Words-Equation 1 and 2nd degree

What is an equation

For you, equation and its teaching is related to:


Equal-degree (1st and 2nd)-Modular-irrational- logarithmic-Exponential-systems

It is an algebraic expression of equality

From the sixth grade is related to an unknown value to be searched.


Side-part number-operations-addition- subtraction-multiplication-division- remarkable product-factoring- equivalnce-MMC-rationalization

It is the formation of numerical and literal parts where it employs mathematical tools (operations) to find a solution.

Is related to mathematical interpretation and its application, through operations to achieve a solution and validate your study.


Numbers-Graphical incógnitas- solution-adding-multiplicação-division- Bhaskara formula-complete square- power-roots-coefficient

Algebraic expression formed by an equality.

-Know define what is a function (introduction).

-Build graphics.


-Master the concepts and development of sum and product enhancement, roots.

problem-analysis using equation as a solution.


Equality-variables-independent coefficients-terms- inequação fraction-exponent-problem- solving data-graph method of reta-formula Bhaskara square-graphic-Complete a parable

Defined by an algebraic expression which has equal x1, x2, x3, xn variables which together with the coefficients a1, a2, a3, in that the sum results in an independent term logo is formed equation ...

a1x1 + a2x2 + a3x3 + ... = b anxn

-by troubleshooting.

-analysis of the construction of graphics.

Introduction to function.


Equality-coeficientes unknown-mathematical equation -Operations-frações-numberpad -raízes- resolution methods-inverse operations-representation graphically systems of equations-types of equations 2 exponent of the unknown and non-zero coefficient-formula Bháskara-complete square-sum and product of roots-numberpad.

Algebraic expression defined by an equality.


-técnica troubleshooting.

-introduction to the study of functions.

Construction, analysis and interpretation of graphs


Unknown-coefficients-equality- sum-subtraction-multiplication- division-operations-School-exponent.

It is an expression used to find the value of an unknown that is something.

Equality-algebra-system balance-application.


Find the value of the unknown -equation 1 and 2 degree-roots-power -subtraction-multiplication-addition- function-graphic--coefficient angular equation of the line-equality-algebra- balance-Bhaskara formula- polynomials-graphic algebraic expressions-complete square.

It is an expression, which has unknown and the equal sign.- balance, which I put on one side, have to have the other.

-Complete square.

-Find the unknown value.




Unknowns-numbers-letters- addition-subtraction-division- multiplication-equality?algebra

Equality where there are unknowns representing values.

Algebra-primary education-equality-systems- unknown-function


Equality-unknown-of the equation- algebraic term-value of x-equation system-2 roots-Baskara formula -complete Square-coefficients-complete and incomplete equation.

Every equation has an equal and unknown, aims to discover the unknown variable.

Concept of equality.


Numbers-unknown-variable- activity-root-results-values for unknown-various terms-Baskara-sum and product-real numbers- complex numbers

It is a pair with unknowns

Mathematics, contents of the seventh year of elementary school, literal expression and algebraic expression



-Numbers-problems- polynomial-roots?values

It is an algebraic expression, equality

From the sixth year, and is related to unknown values found from the equation