Internal Similarity Similarity external


(continued without a third point) (continuity with a third statement)



(are recovered some significant)

LEXICAL expansion

(recovery of the sense of the same unit of vocabulary in a phonetic-auditory mode or graphic-visual)

Verbal associations, events

Unconscious language

FORMAL expansion

(exclusive use of symbols: ratings, algebraic writing, ...)

Raciocinamento deductive

(functional structure of propositions)

Propositional calculus,

calculations predicates

Similaridade semântica

Law of Frege:

Significant different and the same object.

(Strict or global reference invariance)

NATURAL expansion

(only knowledge of everyday language is sufficient)

Description, Narration

arguments rhetoric

Aristotelian syllogism

(predicative thematic proposition)

Raciocinamento the absurd

Cognitive expansion

(requires knowledge of definitions, rules and laws for domain objects)


Raciocinamento deductive

(conditional thematic proposition)

Raciocinamento the absurd