Focus of contribution

Sub groups

A. Social presence (student)

Social presence

1) Emotional support or comment

2) Greetings and byes

3) Social talk including work, family, weather

B. Cognitive presence (student)

B1 Cognitive discourse/engagement

1) Acknowledge new learning (or need for it)

2) Agrees and gives explanation

3) Disagrees and gives explanation

4) Facts, examples, personal issues and opinions

5) Presence indicator

6) Question or comment seeking clarification

7) Question or comment that introduces a new dimension

8) Respond: clarify, extend, explain

- general

- to student

- to tutor

9) Summarises

B2 Topic/content related

1) Discuss topic in abstract/general way

2) Link topic to practice

3) Presence indicator

4) Reference to texts, resources etc.

5) Talk about changing practice (including barriers or need for practice to change)

C. Teaching presence (student)

C1 Environment related

1) Accessing materials

2) Acknowledge context e.g. self-correction

3) Presence indicator

4) Technical issues

C2 Task and course related

1) Assignment related issues

2) Clarifying task for chat

3) Course issues and topics

4) Planning

5) Presence indicator

6) Reference to group task (i.e. pre-synchronous chat)