Physical- object /material invention

From Definition


Physical/chemical principle and its example

seeds*1 →to cause function →solution


Analysis of invention

Physical- object type

A. Combination


Relation among elements

physical- object technology

Principle and way of its utilization

Corporate purpose


B. Shape


Research theme

to utilize a principle to increase evaluation

C. Structure*3


Assignments (Problems to be solved)

Material type


D. Physical (mechanical)*3

strength, density (specific gravity), elasticity, grainsize, viscosity, coefficient of friction, heat conductivity, coefficient of thermal expansion

Physics: Newtonian mechanics, Hooke’s law, Bernoulli’s principle

Constants of property, Relation among constants

material technology

Think out of defects in conventional technologies*2

with inventive step




Physics: Ohm’s law, Joule’s law

wey of invention


electric conductivity (insulation), magnetic property

Chemistry: acid/base, ionization

E. Chemical

composition, molecular weight, melting point, boiling point, pH

Transformation of property

F. property in general*4

transformation of the state (vaporization, liquefaction, solidification), hydration, suspension, crystallization

Transformation in material and states

Chemistry: transformation in phases*6, dissolution, diffusion

Chemistry: neutralization, oxidation- reduction, catalysis

G. Chemical

chemical reaction