Post grades

Post limited quota

Base quota in the first year

Base allocation quota/year


Added quota/year

Actual quota each year

Quota is the limited quota the employee can buy. It means that wheather the purchasing deadline reaches or not,the employee must stop purchasing quota. If you want to increase the quota, you must get the approval of The Committee and shareholder meeting.

You can buy more equityin the first year (not related to performance and serve year). With the development of the enterprise, the stock prices will increase in the future as stock prices are relatively low in the first year.The base quota of the next seven years would be evenly distributed and the purchasing quota will is related to performance and serve year.

Performance affactes the quota every year. For example: 100 performance score means 100% base quota; >80 means 50% quota and <80 means no quota.

If the serve year in this enterprise is 0, added quota is 0. As serve year increases, thequotawill increase a certain degree. However, if the performance score is below 80, added quota will also be 0.

(Actual purchase quota every year) = (base quota each year) * (performance) + (quota related to serve year) * (serve year). The quota is the limited quota. Employees can select the full purchase or part purchase. If you choose part purchase, the left will not add to the quota next year.