Text of Declaratory


The sector is interested in scientific and didactic and training activities in the field of Mechanics Applied to Machines. The sector includes the cultural, scientific and professional aspects inherent the study of mechanical systems, machines and their components and structures: the study is addressed, with a unifying systems approach, using the methodologies of theoretical, applied and experimental mechanics, resulting in technological and industrial application, with attention to environmental and energy sustainability. The type of mechanical systems considered is completely general: driving and operating machines, mechanical devices, mechanisms, transmissions and drives, automatic machines and robots, vehicles, transport and lifting systems, systems for the production of energy, biomechanical systems, components and micro/nano scale systems. Theoretical and experimental methods and applications related to the analysis of mechanical behavior, synthesis, and design, in particular functional, of machines and mechanical systems are developed, through the study of kinematics, statics, dynamics, linear and non-linear, interactions with the environment (force fields, interactions with fluids) and between material surfaces (lubrication), control of automation and identification. The implementation through analog and digital hardware and software systems of the methods developed is an integral part of the knowledge of the sector. As a further response to the design, development and implementation needs of innovative systems and components, the following are also studied: vibratory, vibroacoustic and tribological phenomena, control of mechanical systems, mechatronics, fluid-structure interactions, monitoring, diagnostics and mechanical systems prognostics, fluid automation and robotics, fluidics and microfluidics, environmentally friendly systems and renewable energy. The sector also investigates the problems inherent in pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical actuation systems and based on unconventional technologies (for example, intelligent materials) which are now an integral part, together with control systems, of machines, mechatronic systems and many structures. Strong interrelationships are implemented with the methodologies and algorithms developed in the design sector, with the methods of industrial engineering, dimensional design and machine construction, fluid dynamics, bioengineering, motor science, orthopedic and prosthetic surgery, methodologies for rehabilitation and assistance and finally with the interpretation and analysis of machines of historical interest.