Complex Cyclothems in the Pennine Basin (Include Type 2 & 3 delta sequences)

Number of other basins with incised & major coarse channels in same cycle

Milnrow/Crutchman Sst

1 (Ruhr)

Helpet Edge Rock

3 (Ruhr, Ireland, S. Wales)

Harrock Hill Grit

3 (Ruhr, Belgium, S. Wales)

Woodhead Hill Rock/Ousel Nest Grit/Crawshaw Sst.

1 (South Wales)

Rough Rock

3 (Ruhr, Cornwall, South Wales, 2 systems)

Chatsworth Grit

1 (Ruhr)

Roaches & Upper Ashover Grits

1 (Ruhr)

Lower Ashover Grit

1 (Ruhr)

Kinderscout Grit (5 cycles)

3 (Belgium, Aachen, Clare)