Process Parameters


NRC/ Atmospheric Plasma

Plasma pen speed

10 in/sec

Constant parameters

Plasma pen height

0.25 in

Pen to surface distance, constant parameter

Passes per stripe


Number of times the plasma pen passes over the same stripe in one direction, constant parameter

Stripes per swath


Number of stripes in one section of set parameters, constant parameter

Distance between stripes

0.05 in

Constant parameters

Starch-Acrylic Media

(Type VII eStrip GPX 20/50)

Plasma pen movement direction

Parallel to cracks

Nozzle pressure

1 bar

For each stripped region

2 bar

2.5 bar

Nozzle to surface distance

15 cm ± 3 cm

Constant parameters

Nozzle to surface angle

45˚ ± 10˚

Media flow rate

2.5 kg/min - 3.0 kg/min

Blast direction

Perpendicular to cracks

NRC / Chemical Stripping



Panel sections were rinsed and scraped using soft tools following 24 hours of exposure to EFS-2500


24 hours