Liking aroma

How likable is the aroma

Liking flavour

How likable is the flavour

Overall acceptability

Overall acceptance of the sample

Smokey/burnt aroma

The smell associated with smoke from burning wood

Coffee aroma

The unique smell associated with coffee products

Coffee flavour

Overall intensity of coffee flavour

Roasted/burnt flavour

The flavour descriptor similar to that found in burnt food

Earthy flavour

Reminiscent of raw potato flavour and the odour associated with fresh earth, wet soil or hummus. Undesirable in coffee

Fruity flavour

Reminiscent of fruit flavour

Sweet taste

Fundamental taste sensation of which sucrose is typical. Generally associated with sweet aroma descriptors such as fruity, chocolate and caramel.

Bitter taste

A primary taste characterized by a solution of caffeine, quinine and certain alkaloids. The taste is considered desirable up to a certain level and is affected by the degree of roast brewing procedures.

Astringent aftertaste

Characteristic of an after-taste sensation consistent of a

drying effect in the mouth. Undesirable in coffee.

Full body

Describes the physical properties of the coffee. Full body would describe a strong full mouth-feel as opposed to being thin