One of the concrete protection measure

Departmental rules

Interim Administrative Measures for the Recognition of Cultural Relics (P.R.C.) (2009)

Interim Provisions on Administrative Penalty Procedures Relating to Cultural Relics (P.R.C.) (2005)

Archaeological Excavation Management Measures (P.R.C.) (1998)

Local rules

Interim Measures of Beijing Municipality for Administration of Using Protected Cultural Relic Sites to Shoot Films and Television Programmes (P.R.C.) (2001)

Regulations of Administrative Responsibility of Shaanxi Province on Investigate of Major Cultural Relics Safety Accident (P.R.C.) (2012)

Other normative documents

State Administration of Cultural Heritage Key Research Base Operation Evaluation Rules (P.R.C.) (2008)

Measures for the Administration of Qualification of Supervision and Administration over Cultural Relic Protection Projects (for Trial Implementation) (2014)

Grading Standards for Collections of Cultural Relics at the Modern and Modern Level (for Trial Implementation) (2007)