The nature of the indicator

The name of the indicator

The meaning and function of the indicator

Input indicators

Registered capital (ten thousand yuan)

It cannot only be used to characterize the fixed cost of platform operation, but also can form the own assets of P2P platform as the capital investment of registered capital, which is the guarantee and foundation of its responsibility and risk liability.

Average expected rate of return (%)

Accustomed to characterize the variable costs of platform operations. Nowadays, the net loan industry is becoming ever more standardized, and the operating cost is gradually increasing. High net profit is often a large investment trap. Therefore, reasonable expected return of investors through the P2P platform reflects the platform operation to a certain extent the robustness and the effectiveness of risk control.

Output indicators

Leverage index

It is used to characterize the level of platform risk tolerance indicators, the higher the leverage index, indicating that the platform may be the smaller leveraged funds, the higher the risk tolerance.

Dispersion index

It is used to characterize platform loans and investment funds scattered indicators, the higher the index of dispersion, indicating that the platform investment and the more dispersed the borrower, the lower the risk of platform operations.

Liquidity index

Used to characterize the length of the investment funds recovery time on the platform

Transparency index

Indicators for characterizing the transparency of platform information, the higher the transparency index, the more information on the platform information is revealed and the platform is more transparent.