Direct or indirect.


Positive or negative: A negative effect includes as “that as produces a loss in natural, cultural landscape…or the character and personality of a determined locality”.


Simple: Only appears over one environmental indicator.

Cumulative: Prolonged, with a progressive increase in its level.

Synergic: Increased by the accumulation of different factors.


Temporary or permanent.

Short, medium or long term: The impact could be measured, respectively, within a time period of one year, five years or greater permanent or temporary impact.


Continuous or discontinuous.


Reversible or irreversible: The impact Could be assimilated or reversed, or not, as the case may be, by the natural capacity of the environment to recover.


Recoverable or unrecoverable: The environment can, or cannot, be recovered by natural or human action.


Compatible: The effect on the environment will last only as long as the project and will cease upon termination.

Moderate: Recovery of the environment does not require mitigation measures.

Severe: Recovery of the environment requires mitigation and protective measures.

Critical: Above than an acceptable level. A permanent loss of environmental quality will be produced even after mitigating measures.