Policies and regulations

Water management

• Expand the 2006 Water Conservation and Allocation Policy for Oilfield Injection to include water conservation measure for hydraulic fracturing―Develop a policy guideline setting out water conservation practices for hydraulic fracturing

• Develop and implement science-based standards for baseline water well testing near hydraulic fracturing operations

• Provide balanced and credible information on hos Alberta manages hydraulic fracturing

• Support research that will enhance understanding of and protection for natural resources in areas of hydraulic fracturing

Groundwater protection

• Directive 083: Hydraulic Fracturing―Subsurface Integrity

• Directive 059: Well Drilling and Completion Data Filing Requirements

• Directive 055: Storage Requirements for the Upstream Petroleum Industry

• Directive 058: Oilfield Waste Management Requirements of the Upstream Petroleum Industry

Wellbore integrity

• Directive 008: Surface Casing Depth Requirements

• Directive 009: Casing Cementing Minimum Requirements

• Directive 083: Hydraulic Fracturing―Subsurface Integrity

Air quality

• Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives and Guidelines

Noise and light

• Directive 056: Energy Development Applications and Schedules

• Directive 038: Noise Control

Induced seismicity

• No specific regulations pertaining to this area