Policy Orientation

Policy Approach

Typical Policy

Regulation Details

Industry Planning

Administrative Order

Target control

Hebei Electric Power 12th Five-Year Development Planning (2011-2015)

New energy power generation accounts for the proportion of total power generation capacity in the province will reach 15% by 2015

Mandatory usage

Hebei Province Urban Development Plan for Public Transport (2013-2017)

By the end of 2014, the mandatory retirement of all more than 6 thousand yellow buses replaced by new energy buses

Financial Subsidy

Guidance on Promote the Development of Photovoltaic Industry

Province special funds subsidies granted in the industry development

Project Demonstration

Opinions of the Hebei Provincial People’s Government on Speeding Up the Cultivation and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries

Construction of a number of wind power blades, wind power machine industrial base

Market Promotion

Administrative Order

Hebei Province Civil Building Energy Conservation Regulations

Qualified residential building under 12 layer, centralized hot water supply to enforce the solar-thermal systems in public buildings

Taxation Relief

Opinions on Accelerating the Development and Popularization of New Energy Vehicles

Introduction stage provincial finance of new energy bus and public services by car users in the province subsidies for new energy vehicle

Project Demonstration

Circular on Printing and Distributing the Demonstration Project of Energy Supply Facilities for New Energy Vehicles in Hebei

Shijiazhuang and other four cities as a pilot city

Enterprise Support

Administration Instruction

Guiding Opinions on Encouraging and Guiding Private Capital to Further Expand Investment in the Energy Sector

Support private capital into the new energy and renewable energy industry


Administrative Order