1) Sight-threatening GO (severe)

Patients with dysthyroid optic neuropathy (DON) and or corneal breakdown. This category warrants immediate intervention.

2) Moderate to severe GO

Patients without sight-threatening GO whose eye disease has sufficient impact on daily life to justify the risks of immunosuppression (if active) or surgical intervention (if inactive). Patients with moderate to severe GO usually have any one or more of the following: lid retraction >2 mm, moderate or severe soft tissue involvement, exophthalmos >3 mm above normal for race and gender, inconstant or constant diplopia.

3) Mild GO

Patients whose features of GO have only a minor impact on daily life insufficient to justify immunosuppressive or surgical treatment. They usually only have one or more of the following: minor lid retraction (<2 mm), mild soft tissue involvement, exophthalmos < 3 mm above normal for race and gender, transient or no diplopia, corneal exposure responsive to lubricants.