Transmission Network

Distribution Network


The general network topology is ring-shaped and needs to be analyzed as a whole.

The power supply situation is regional power supply, the network topology in the region is radial, the closed-loop design between the regions, and the open-loop operation.

Network imbalance

The imbalance of the network is small and can basically be ignored. It can be considered that the three-phase line parameter balance and three-phase load balance can be analyzed in single-phase or positive sequence.

The three-phase line parameters are unbalanced, the R/X ratio fluctuates greatly, the three-phase load is unbalanced, and there are single-phase and two-phase loads, which cannot be analyzed independently.

SCADA measuring device

There are a large number of real-time measurement devices and a small number of pseudo-measurements,

and the measurement redundancy is high

A small amount of real-time

measurement, a large number of load pseudo-measurement, from the perspective of real-time measurement, the measurement redundancy is low, and the network value is generally unobservable.

Network scale

A typical network generally contains hundreds of buses to one or two thousand buses.

A typical network generally contains 10,000 to 100,000 nodes.

Existing power plant

Generally, thermal power, large-scale hydropower and nuclear power generation, the output power is basically stable and adjustable with the load.

Mostly distributed DG distributed in the feeder of the distribution network, the output power fluctuates greatly, and has certain controllability.